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about Welcome to I Say We Party! We're an elite challenge community for the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You may only become a member here by applying and having your icons judged. We're not trying to be elitist in the bad sense of the word, we just want to have a Buffy challenge community with the best of the best competing against each other. If your application is not successful, feel free to improve and re-apply in no less than 2 weeks. If you don't get in initially, feel free to watch the community and participate in the voting!

challenges There will be a weekly challenge posted by the mod in which only members can participate. However members and non-members may vote on all challenges. We generally have icon challenges but sometimes there by be different types of graphic challenges posted.

rules Challenges will be posted by misstress_tink and will run from Monday - Saturday at which point voting will be posted. Two entries per member unless otherwise stated in the challenge. Please do not click JOIN THIS COMMUNITY. I Say We Party is strictly an invitation only community, so you must apply H E R E and make your subject "We Saved The World" so that we know you have read the rules. Applications will be judged by misstress_tink. If your application is not successful, please don't bitch about us or to us. It's nothing personal. We just want to have a great community with stunning graphics!

"We saved the world, I say we party."
-Buffy Summers
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